Thursday, July 30, 2009



"I heard em before,, kinda weird
4 minutes ago

"Feel like Im on a acid trip when I listen to em
4 minutes ago Thursday


dis nigga gonna wake up in da stretcher
11:58 AM Thursday

12 Month Beat Tape

Just some beats from the past week.

Tony Priuis

Woke up this mornin and my dude hit me with the link to his tumblr. Shit's correct.


Good friend of mine, since middle school. Remember back last year he made me and my dude the Crack Ho shirt, hit the first day of school like kings and shit. Peep the heat.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Mid July 2009 - Just Last Week

Official Nice

My nigga's blog, no longer no more. Bro had the supremius videos and shit. Forever in our hearts -- one last time: Official Nice, not Fisher Price.

leave lungs deflated

on display nigga

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Word I found that shit

Did this like four years ago, was like 13, goin in the 8th grade and shit. Think it was like August when I did this shit, or late late july, can't remember. I was fuckin around on audacity -- just heard about it and all I ever used was sound recorder, was a HUGE step up.

peep it

It's a .WMA


Yo ass won't make it to see tomorrow

"9's 32's 45's
Bring forty guys

that's the loss of forty lives"

Damn remember makin mix cd's back when you was broke and ain't really had no ipod, but you had a cd player with them dorky ass headphones. I had all that raw shit on my shit. Would stack em up with never before heard remixes when I waited for the bus. Found this shit lookin thru summa my mix cd's just right now.

Remember I could never take a dump without this.
Tragic as fuck how I can't find my remix of November has Come. Imma keep lookin and try some shit.

oh yea

on the behalf of that last post, for the niggas that know what it is. them niggas that knew what it was.

it's on it's way.

when i was in the 8th grade

this shit was mad niggerish.

some real nigga shit

Wanna flow like Percee P

Sunday July 19th

"My whole crew ninjas."

Big Fucking Crackers

Be in that mo tibbs state of mind daily

Was on that Official Nice, lookin thru stuff and shit. Seen this video.

Shit on deck.

Duke just hit me on the head with his blog, and whatnot -- shit's mad ill. Click the picture to go the blog and shit.

And I can't forget: Edan Radioshow Vol 2. That shit is up, cop it for no disappointments.

Went from the two tone Charger to the Prius

This guy used to be mad niggerish in the 8th grade.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peep it.

Found this shit on my dude's spot, iunno fuck this shit gotta do with basketball.

ha lol

Stone Cold dont need a taser

The Last Man Standing

I know I'm late as fuck on this discovery, but shit, this is fuckin crazy.

"Pint-size grappler Alberto Jimenez, 35, and his twin Alejandro - national heroes in Mexico - were drugged and robbed after picking up two tarts at a hotel.

The thieving hookers are believed to have spiked their booze with eye drops to knock them out - but the dose was too much for their tiny frames."

That's the fuckin last time these niggas use the 24/7 rule.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Reed Dollaz, easily -- mad emphasis on easily -- easily one of the sickest cats out today. Fuckin heard dude back last year off in that freestyle over Trigga, I tossed that video up the other night, and y'all seen how diesel duke was. It's no question how vicous his flow is and how raw his delivery is. Fuck any nigga that opposes. Iunno shit bout dude really, but nigga's heavy on the youtube, check that shit out. Dude's what Cassidy could've been -- should've been. Reed Dollaz: The Face of Tomorrow.

I gotcha'll like dancehall

Be the bootleg shit or whatever it was that I was talkin' about. Five beats from Polite Meeting's catalog, hand picked by yours truly. Cover art done by moi. D.I.Y for L.Y.F.

Peace, enjoy that shit.

Monday, July 13, 2009


After much consideration and whatnot, finally got one these blog joints. Just gonna post up some ill shit from people I know and whatever. Put my niggas on, throw some beats that I made personally on here, prolly hit y'all with some weed pics lol. Just expect raw shit.

Gonna start the first blog post with some shit bout Ouija. I know this man personally, I speak to him on aim and shit, called him on the phone twice, picked up the second time, didn't know who it was, had to tell him it's Black Ant, and he was like word word -- he's a really cool guy. I fuckin shook his hand for the first time back in May right before I started my set. He played right after me and took the whole shit down. He's got a bunch shit up for free on his myspace. Told me on aim last night, 'it's never loud enough.' So when you blastin that shit, really blast that shit, don't be a bitch about it.

I'll be back later with some free shit, tryna find his album cover.