Monday, July 13, 2009


After much consideration and whatnot, finally got one these blog joints. Just gonna post up some ill shit from people I know and whatever. Put my niggas on, throw some beats that I made personally on here, prolly hit y'all with some weed pics lol. Just expect raw shit.

Gonna start the first blog post with some shit bout Ouija. I know this man personally, I speak to him on aim and shit, called him on the phone twice, picked up the second time, didn't know who it was, had to tell him it's Black Ant, and he was like word word -- he's a really cool guy. I fuckin shook his hand for the first time back in May right before I started my set. He played right after me and took the whole shit down. He's got a bunch shit up for free on his myspace. Told me on aim last night, 'it's never loud enough.' So when you blastin that shit, really blast that shit, don't be a bitch about it.

I'll be back later with some free shit, tryna find his album cover.

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