Friday, September 4, 2009


Won't be as active as I used to be. As you read in the other post, fuckin Laptop got a virus. I can't get online with it. So till I get the 80 to fix it, I gotta use the computer in the family room, lol. I dont want my peoples comin thru seein that fuckin weed banner (THANKS RENATO)and my face at the bottom of this shit. They'll prolly fuck around, bug out and shit. Pops wouldn't let me listen to terror squad cause he thought it was linked to al quida, in the seventh grade. See them buds think i'm runnin an online scheme.

So yea, ain't gon be on too here often. Finna have to delete the history everytime I come on here too. Don't want that nigga typin M in the shit and fuckin see MY NIGGAS...

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