Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's the year 2010, you can say what you want
But I bet if you light this blunt, dummy, the feds'll come runnin'
Lock you up, lock you out, you ain't tryin' to listen
Cameras in your food, dude, look they're trying to listen
Lock you up, lock you out, we got bugs in the house
We're being monitored, they know we got thugs in the house
Don't light your blunt, bitch, they'll hit you with a switch
Hit you with a beam, hit you in the brain, make you go totally insane
Wild out, guns in the spot, flippin' on you niggas
They take you out, then the Feds push guns on the roof
They take 'em out, melt you out 'cause you know too much
After that you know your ho's get touched
Look, Then the meaning starts
Download your chip to a memory card
Give your chips and send 'em to a city job

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